Agile software development

Demand Management Using Agile and Lean Principles and Tools

The problem of demand for IT services and project resources exceeding available supply is something every organization faces.  I was asked again recently about how Agile helps with demand management. Agile addresses the problem in several ways. First, an Agile team's...

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The Best Employee Planning and Review Approach I’ve Found

I'm old enough and have worked enough places, including large corporations, a government agency, and several smaller less-formal tech companies, to have experienced a wide range of approaches to performance evaluation. I've liked some of the tools I've experienced, but...

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How Leaders Create Agile Success

VersionOne publishes an annual State of Agile survey (see the 2016 9th annual report here).  Each survey includes impediments to Agile success in an organization.  Among the leading causes of failure in Agile transformation, and barriers to future success,...

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Agile/Lean Business Intelligence

I've worked in several organizations that had a reporting team in the IT organization.  Typically report developers work with the DBA team to respond to requests from business units for custom report development and enhancements to existing reports.  They...

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What Work Will Be in 2036

Somewhere I read that 20 years from now the typical office worker's daily tasks will consist of what today really smart people are doing in their spare time (I really wish I could remember where I read that). I decided...

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